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As Australia’s first inland city, Goulburn has been around since the 1820s and was proclaimed a city in 1863. But long before that the area was a very important meeting place for various Aboriginal clan groups, including Wiradjuri, Gundungara, Tarlo, Lachlan, Wollondilly and Mulwaree.

Goulburn’s rich history is interwoven with tales of bushrangers, of the Durack family and their extraordinary drive to the Kimberleys and of people looking for a new life and new opportunities. And when Australia rode on the sheep’s back, Goulburn was the centre of Australia’s wool industry.

Wander around Goulburn today and you’ll find the grand old courthouse, two majestic cathedrals and the post office tower in the central precinct, and a host of heritage buildings sprinkled throughout the town.

Not surprisingly, Goulburn is home to many of Australia’s longest running organisations: such as Australia’s oldest continually running brewery, Australia’s oldest theatre company and the oldest country rugby club in Australia, but that only scratches the surface of a town that values and celebrates its heritage and history.

Did you know that the first Australian Motorcycle TT Race was held in Goulburn. The "Tourist Trophy Race for the Championship of the Commonwealth" motorcycle race was held Easter 1914 on a 33 mile course from Yarra - Breadalbane - Collector - Yarra.

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Ride Calendar
19 Oct, 2018:Mudgee - Fri,Sat,Sun
Ride Information:- Ride from Goulburn to Mudgee NSW leaving Goulburn on 19/10/2018 to 21/10/2018
4 Nov, 2018:Kangaroo Valley
Ride Information:- Ride from Goulburn to Kangaroo Valley NSW leaving Goulburn on 04/11/2018
19 Nov, 2018:Bombala - Fri,Sat,Sun
Ride Information:- Ride from Goulburn to Bombala NSW leaving Goulburn on 15/11/2018 to 18/11/2018
2 Dec, 2018:Bigga
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